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June 24th
Issue #13
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Monday 6/24/13
Issue #13
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Scorpion Solitaire


The Most Difficult Part of A Relationship

By F. Kenneth Taylor - 6/24/2013

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We all know establishing a long-term, enduring, worthy relationship isn't something easily done, and comes with many challenging obstacles. Financial difficulties can place a hindrance upon a relationship; in many cases one person carries the bulk of this load, which will eventually put a strain on the relationship, if not destroy it all together. Poor sex, or lack thereof (stop laughing, I'm being serious), is also a common problem with relationships. Usually, one person isn't satisfied with the sexual or intimacy level of the relationship, but in fear of hurting their significant other's feelings, they often keep this dissatisfaction to themselves-until it's too late.

Cheating or infidelity is a determining factor plaguing relationships. This act of betrayal primarily stems from the sex and intimacy situation. When one person in the relationship reaches a point where sex with their significant other is simply unbearable; a majority of the time, they will seek it elsewhere-outside the relationship. Abuse, on all levels and planes; verbal, physical, and mental, can have unwanted, and devastating effects on a relationship. There are other things such as; unwanted, or unplanned pregnancies, alcohol and drug addictions, and weight gain/loss that can make maintaining a healthy relationship even more difficult to do than it already is.

So, with all these hurdles and hoops to leap over and/or through, it makes you wonder-what's the most difficult part of a relationship? What's the hardest part about making a relationship 'work'? There's no one, right (or wrong) answer here-it varies and depends with each relationship, as will the solution. What's most difficult for one relationship or couple, may be easily accomplished by another. Just as there are a number of situations that can end a relationship, there are a number of practices that can help, strengthen, and lengthen them as well.

Many people believe having an honest and open line of communication is essential to the life of a relationship and its longevity. Constantly communicating with your significant other about each other's concerns will allow you to address potentially relationship-ending issues long before they have a chance to reach such a level. Others believe that 'true-love' really does conquer all, and as long as you and your significant other are 100 percent committed to each other and your relationship, then there's no 'test' you can't/won't pass, and no obstacle you can't/won't overcome. Willingness to compromise is another difficult, yet popular practice, to making a relationship work; you can't just take, and never give, and you can't have things your way all the time. Many more believe that a combination of things, as well as loyalty and dedication solely to your significant other will grant your relationship a lasting tenure. So what is the most difficult part of a relationship-that's for you determine.


Scorpion Solitaire

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