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June 20th
Issue #12
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Thursday 6/20/13
Issue #12
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Scorpion Solitaire


Astrology: How the Planets Align to Divine for You

By Sheila Breckenridge - 6/20/2013

Galaxy in outer space
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Astrology has been around since approximately 7 AD when people began to recognize patterns involving human nature and planetary alignment. These patterns gained validity over time the planets became permanently linked with human aspects. The sun reflects life, the moon imagination. Mercury reflects communication and Venus love. Mars reflects war and Jupiter philosophy. Saturn reflects responsibility and Uranus change. Neptune reflects spirituality and Pluto the unconscious.

In astrology the sky and all its planets, stars and constellations occupy houses (sectors or grid sections) and reflect human conditions/attributes. There are twelve houses: birth, possessions, mind, home, creativity, work, heart, sharing, intellect, personal ambitions, friendship and escapism.

Every person can be generally identified by their sun sign/zodiac sign. However if a person is birthdate is close to the beginning or end of the time period a sun sign reflects, they often will have traits of two sun signs. This is referred to being born in the cusp. The twelve sun signs are named after their corresponding constellations or planets as they appear in the sky during the time of their birth.

When you consider what was happening at the time of developing the sun signs (war and strife,) it is not hard to imagine why the first sun sign is Aries and represents the god of War, the planet Mars. Astrology gives a unique insight into how a person will be at a given time and is used as a way to divine future events or occurrences.

Although astrology can appear to be a generalization of human traits, most people who follow and use astrology find help and guidance within themselves by relating to their sun signs, and will live their lives according to what they read in daily horoscopes. People born as an Aries are sometimes fearless, and are generally adventurous. People who are born as Leos tend to be natural leaders, and can be ferocious or protective when required.

As humankind has always looked to the skies to for guidance, inspiration and divination, astrology has proved it-self as a unique and vastly used tool to help understand ourselves and our relationships with each other.

Astrology is still considered new age, even though it has been used since ancient times. As astrology explains human nature, it will always remain relevant, so long as people continue looking to the skies for answers.


Scorpion Solitaire

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