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June 17th
Issue #11
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Monday 6/17/13
Issue #11
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Scorpion Solitaire


How to Turn Overeating into a Tool for Weight Loss

By Damien Darby - 6/17/2013

Nutrition - Concept
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Ok seriously, here's the bottom line: if you're an adult of reasonable sanity, meager intelligence, you live in an industrialized country and you're morbidly obese (baring physiological disorders outside of your control)...

You eat too much of the wrong stuff on purpose.

Typically to fulfill psychological or emotional needs that aren't being met elsewhere in life. This isn't exactly fitness-rocket science here.

That's ok! It's not about changing how much you scarf down, but what kinds of things you gobble up.

  • What if eating organic vegetable chips satisfied the same late night bout of "poor me" rather than the ones with excessive amounts of unhealthy things?
  • What if a tall blended fruit & berries smoothie quenched your case of the frowns instead of a half gallon of super-fattening ice cream?
  • What if you ate bags of fresh vegetables instead of the kind in cans?
  • What if instead of using bottled sauces from the super market, you got to eat even more food by experimenting with fresh herbs and spices?

The Truth About Overeating

How many professional body builders or fitness models do you know personally? They eat a tremendous amount of food every day. In fact, many might eat more than the average obese American. Sure, they burn a bunch of it off, but even if they didn't they're aware of the small changes that makes continuous human-grazing fine for the waist line.

  • Contemporary studies seem to indicate that it doesn't really matter what your frequency is, the body will lose or gain weight cumulatively based on energy intake vs. output. If you love to eat, just spread it out a little.
  • Eating does boost metabolism, but it needs help. Why not work out to pork out? Of all the potential evils out there to choose from, working out a ton just so you can eat a ton isn't all that bad (as long as it's healthy food)!
  • Many of the negative aspects of western obesity come from the chemical cocktails and artificial ingredients in the food. Love chocolate? Good! But, is there a more local source?

What About the Psychological Stuff?

Ok, fair enough. Let's assume you completely overhaul the way you overeat and suddenly the excess weight starts melting off. Is that a big shocker? No, most adults understand the basics of losing weight.

But what about the psychological or emotional things going on inside that causes food addiction?

Broaden your perspective. What's good for you and your body is good for literally everyone else. So, when you eat healthier and buy healthier products, your money is probably going to better companies with more productive things on their mind than simply making a profit at your expense.
Be of service. The quickest route to not only more peace of mind, but inner contentment is to step outside yourself and all your perceived "problems" and do focus your energy on making like better for someone else.

Food isn't your enemy, and neither is over eating. There are countless happy AND healthy people that aren't skin and bones. The issue is what you choose to eat to satisfy those internal needs.


Scorpion Solitaire

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