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June 17th
Issue #11
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Scorpion Solitaire


Weekly Outlook for June 17th 2013

By Nicole Gaudette - 6/17/2013

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The Moon is in sociable Libra all day on Monday, and we want to be around other people. Don't force yourself to spend the day alone. Call up some of your loved ones and spend the day with them. Energetic Mars is at a positive angle to innovative Uranus on Monday, and we have the energy we need to do something bold, different, risky, and original.

On Tuesday, the Moon is at a harsh angle to indulgent Venus, making it hard for us to get out of bed and start the morning. The Moon is at a harsh angle to chatty Mercury later in the morning, and we may get into fights and have misunderstandings. We're probably not listening like we should be. At night, the Moon is at a positive angle to happy Jupiter, and we end the day feeling much better.

As Wednesday begins, the Moon enters intense Scorpio. We don't take anything lightly, and have a serious approach to matters. If you need to make any powerful changes in your life, try on Wednesday. The Moon connects with hard-working Saturn later in the morning, and we have a productive start to the day. The Sun connects with Jupiter in the afternoon, giving us a happy feeling for most of the day. We're optimistic about the way life is progressing, and want to enjoy life.

Mercury connects with Venus on Thursday, and it's a good day to tell someone you love then. Expressions of love are everywhere, and people seem to be saying all of the right things to one another. Words are sweet, and fights are for another day. Let's all just get along on Thursday.

The Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius early in the morning on Friday, and we want to have new experiences, expand our worlds, and have some fun. We drop the serious approach and are more light-hearted. The Sun enters emotional Cancer as the day begins, and we put more focus on the home and family. We want to create better homes and stronger family ties.

On Saturday, the Moon opposes combative Mars in the morning, and we start the day at odds with one another. Don't rush into a fight without thinking things through first. You might be overreacting.

The Moon enters productive Capricorn early on Sunday, making us focus on our goals and come up with realistic plans to achieve them. A full moon in Capricorn occurs on Sunday morning, and we can accomplish a goal that we've been working hard at for some time, are rewarded for our hard work and determination, or are punished for being too unrealistic and lazy with our goals.


Scorpion Solitaire

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