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June 10th
Issue #9
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Monday 6/10/13
Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire


How to Make the Most Nutritious Tea Ever

By Damien Darby - 6/10/2013

Lemon tea in a white cup
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Everyone and their mother understands that tea is the second best kind of flavored water in the galaxy. Purified water with either organic (no sugar added) blueberry or cranberry juice could in some aspects be healthier. Regardless, everyone loves tea, but sometimes they would like to make their own rather than relying on supermarket brands.

Whether you prefer it hot or cold making nutritious, vitalizing, sensual, and tantalizing tea is actually much easier than most people assume. Getting your hands on the ingredients is simple when you know what to get, then it's just a matter of putting the stuff in little baggies (if that's called for, because some people just use a strainer) and water. .

The Herbal Path to Health

Herbs have been consumed with water/broth throughout known history, so they can't be that bad. Though for some people with really sensitive allergies, especially food allergies, they may want to consult their doctors first. .

Here are six ingredients you can't miss out on. After that go crazy with berries, spices, and anything else to make that stale water an astounding health elixir. .


It smells good, it's intoxicating, and its especially useful to people that suffer from gas problem, acid reflux, and general bloating issues. However, some nutritionists will recommend you avoid it. The best approach is moderation. Text it out, make sure you mix it with some citrus fruits if possible, and remember that when it comes to home gardening peppermint is exceedingly easy to grow on your own. .


Did you know that almost the entirety of the human immune system is located in our guts? The digestive tract houses the majority of it. As it turns out, Ginger is a really good digestive aid, like probiotic yogurt in a way. Simmer some ginger root for about a quarter of an hour, then add a little tangy stuff like lemon juice, and some sweet stuff like honey and you're all set. .


This stuff is so popular around the world it's surprising there isn't a Chamomile day on the modern calendar. If there were it should be in sprint because it's made of gentle flowers. Folks that can't sleep adore this stuff because it's so soothing and calming. It's in many local stores, but to get the best kind grow it yourself. .


Sage is powerful! One, maybe two leafs to an entire pan of spaghetti sauce and you'll taste it in every bite (no matter how chunky you make the sauce). The things in the plant that make it so potent are what work wonders in the human body. Get organic, and either grow it in your windowsill or pick some up at the local supermarket. In teas keep it light, or it will quickly overpower everything else. .


9.564 out of 10 people are completely shocked to hear that dandelions are actually one of the most nutritious things in the world! Shocking, right? They absolutely clean the liver and work far more efficiently. Now, they are really bitter though, and you should only use the flowers. Toss in a smidgen of peppermint, a couple crushed raspberries, and a clipping of sage for a truly satisfying drink. .


Scorpion Solitaire

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