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June 10th
Issue #9
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Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire


A Quick Meditation to Calm You During Your Day

By Sheila Breckenridge - 6/10/2013

A young man levitating in yoga position, meditation
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Meditation can help in so many ways. It can help you sleep, help you maintain your concentration, help with frustration while driving. Any moment of the day a quick meditation can help restore your energy and inner calm.

Long gone are the days of sitting in a room of strangers, cross legged and chanting. Although there are meditation groups to be found everywhere, a lot of people are choosing to meditate in their own space and at their own time.

Meditation is simply a way of returning you to the moment and stilling your mind. I have incorporated meditating while doing mundane household chores like washing dishes.

A very simple way to meditate at any time of day is to sit in a comfortable chair with your arms hanging loosely beside you and your legs loose with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes. Bring your thoughts inwards and notice the feeling of your arms hanging down. Do they feel heavy or light? Focus on how they feel for a moment.

Then move your thoughts to how you feel in the chair, feel the muscles of your body where they are in the chair; from your back to your bottom. Take a moment to focus on the way your body is at rest. Move your thoughts to your legs. Notice how the muscles in your legs are loose and how gravity seems to be pulling them down. Take a moment to feel your body; arms, back, bottom and legs and the looseness in your muscles.

Move your thoughts to your feet and feel the floor beneath you. Notice the way your feet feel to connect to the floor and to the earth beneath you. Take a moment to just breathe and experience the looseness of your body. When you are ready open your eyes. Do you feel refreshed? Has the tension gone from your body?

This technique can be used either sitting, standing or lying down, which-ever way is most comfortable to you and will take up only five minutes of your day. You can do this anytime of the day and it will help to calm your mind before going to sleep.

If you have a hard time focusing and find thoughts constantly wiggling in your mind, acknowledge them and push them out of the way while your meditating; you won't be able to relax while running lists through your mind.

Above all, remember to breathe.


Scorpion Solitaire

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