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June 10th
Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Monday 6/10/13
Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire


Weekly Astrological Outlook for June 10th

By Nicole Gaudette - 6/10/2013

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On Monday, the Moon is in emotional Cancer all day, and we want to keep things the way they've always been. This isn't the day for being daring and taking a risk. In the morning, the Moon connects with indulgent Venus, and we start the day feeling great but probably having ice cream for breakfast. Later in the morning, the Moon opposes controlling Pluto, and we may struggle over power with someone else. In the afternoon, the Moon is at a harsh angle to unconventional Uranus, and we're anxious, bored, and stifled. In the evening, the Moon connects with chatty Mercury, and we can express our emotions and be heard.

Venus opposes Pluto on Tuesday, and lovers will quarrel. You may have a fight with a loved one and it's all about who has the upper hand in the relationship. Try to understand their perspective and don't get lost in your own narrow view. Saturn is at a positive angle to Neptune on Tuesday, and we may be focusing on how we can take our dreams and turn them into reality. You might be hearing many stories of people who've followed their dreams and are living the life, and that can inspire you to do more with your own life.

The Moon enters dramatic Leo just as Wednesday begins, and we have warmer hearts, display courage when needed, and love a good show. Venus is at a harsh angle to Uranus in the evening, making us have unexpected complications in love, or become bored in our relationships. Don't call it quits just yet.

The Moon is at a positive angle to the Sun on Thursday, allowing us to feel at ease with our needs and wants, and to not have an internal struggle over them. Everyone may seem a little calmer.

Midday Friday, the Moon enters practical Virgo. We're focused on the daily tasks that have to be accomplished, try to get as much crossed off of our to-do list as possible, and try to be as logical as possible. Try not to let your inner perfectionist control you though.

Saturday morning, the Moon is at a harsh angle to fiery Mars, and we may start the day in a fight with someone. Make sure you're not letting your temper get the better of you. In the evening, the Moon is at a positive angle to Venus, and we can smooth things over.

The Moon remains in Virgo until Sunday evening, so we can continue our productive streak and get work done. This is a good weekend for doing some cleaning and getting organized. In the evening, the Moon enters harmonious Libra, and we pull back just a little bit, wanting to make sure that we're not focusing too much on just one area of our lives, and that every part of our lives is getting equal attention.


Scorpion Solitaire

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