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June 10th
Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Monday 6/10/13
Issue #9
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Scorpion Solitaire


She Is Woman!

By F. Kenneth Taylor - 6/10/2013

A woman inflating soap-bubbles
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It is often said that men are the stronger vessel-but are we really sure about that? Let's face it-women do a lot! Haven't you've heard the saying; behind every good man, there's a strong woman? This couldn't be truer. A woman's job and work is never done, they're on the clock twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Women are mothers, grandmothers, wives, caretakers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, college students and graduates, official and un-official doctors and nurses, home-cooked, hot meal cookers, voluntary and involuntary housecleaners, the brains and often times, heads-of-the-family, and so much more! Maya Angelou summed it up best-women are phenomenal.

Ladies, I totally tip my hat to you; I seriously doubt any man could survive a week in your shoes. Mothers carry our unborn child for nine months while dealing with crazy, physical changes to their bodies, morning sickness, the baby-kicking, weight gain, and then, finally-child birth! Whew! That alone would do me in! Stay-at-home moms are the best! Men don't realize just how much you all go through in a day! You're up at the crack of dawn, getting the lil' brats ready for school, cooking breakfast, making sure his shirt and tie matches, packing school lunches, ironing clothes, and that's just the first couple hours of the day! How about the 'working-woman' who puts in 40-plus hours a week, picks the kids up from school, helps with the homework, cooks a hot meal, maintains her wifely duties and still manage to keep the hubby satisfied? Now that's a lot for one day! How about the single mom that does it all; works two jobs, provides for her child/kids, goes to school, pays all her own bills-on her own-she holds it down, and keeps it all together day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, and year-after-year, now fellas, let me see you top that!

Alicia Keys also hit it on the nail with her smash hit, 'Superwoman', which gives credit to all the beautiful, intelligent women reaching new heights in life, love, and business. A man's life isn't complete if he doesn't have his 'Superwoman'; that woman that's going to lift him up when no else can, the woman that's going to support him when no one else will, the woman that loves him mentally and physically like no other woman can, the woman who will proudly and gladly bear his child-the woman who becomes the very fiber of his existence! Yes ladies, this one was all about, YOU! Here's a little something extra to let you know what you mean to us. Enjoy.

"That You Are"

One such as you,
Have become so much...
A voice of wisdom, clarity,
Hope, strength, and passion...
That you are

A woman of attitude, Faith,
Beauty, devotion,
And hope for all...
That you are

A symbol of family,
Discipline, endurance, and positivity...
That you are

A provider, nurturer,
Humanitarian at their best...
That you are,

One of a kind,
A gift to us all,
Mother and loved one to many,
Child of God...
That you are


Scorpion Solitaire

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