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June 6th
Issue #8
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Scorpion Solitaire


Fitness is a Means to Overcome Bullying

By Damien Darby - 6/6/2013

Fitness - Conceptual
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Bullying has definitely become a serious issue in America where children of all ages are either taking their own lives in response, or going berserk and gunning classmates/teachers down. Furthermore, the bullying going on in halls across the nation are also causing kids to get depressed and anti-social, which in turn leads too many parents into the sadistic arms of pharmaceuticals.

Why? Guess how human beings dealt with these issues for tens of thousands of years - physical fitness and training. They sent the boys out and gave them productive means of burning off all the energy and growing pains. They also gave women tons of things to do to keep them busy and in-shape.

One of the very best things that the American public can do to fight against the bullying phenomenon is to get their kids involved in something fitness-orientated. Here are a few of the most important reasons why.

Less Victimization

Young adults that get into empowering their mind and body are far less likely to allow themselves to become victims. They don't take on habits of learned helplessness as easily, and when they do get bullied they're probably going to either fight back in self-defense or immediately bring it to the attention of people who can do something about it.

Less Mental/Emotional Disorders

Young adults that partake in official or locally organized sports, resistance training, fitness classes, or martial arts suffer from drastically less mental and emotional disorders. For starters, they're body is working more efficiently and the hormonal changes during puberty are easier to deal with.

Higher Self-Confidence

Along with sticking up for one's self, kids with higher confidence are more likely to come to the aid of others that are weaker and allow themselves to be victimized. In many cases, it's best to let the kids figure it out on their own. Nothing good comes from teaching children to let other people take care of their problems for them. Confidence is a magic thing, and it is a propelling force in all people's lives who cultivate it.

Deeper Social Engagement

When younger folks look and feel better they're far more outgoing and likely to be involved in things and activities that bullies stay away from. When was the last time a bully tried to take on a baseball team, or a kid that most other people like and will stick up for?

Increased Performance

Not only are most bullies wise enough to stay away from those that won't cower from confrontation, but they also steer clear of people that they perceive to be strong, agile, and can put up a good fight if it comes to that. Martial arts are especially good in this area. Kids that take martial arts training seriously soon develop a kind of stroll, or grace, that predatory bullies recognize instantly.

Finally, it's also wise not to demonize bullies. They've always been around, and they probably always will be. The important thing is to make youth aware of what causes individuals to become bullies. Typically it's because they themselves have been abused or seriously neglected in some way. Bullies also can greatly benefit from some physical training to learn respect, and discipline.


Scorpion Solitaire

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