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June 6th
Issue #8
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Thursday 6/6/13
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Scorpion Solitaire


Green Living and Loving in Harmony

By Jacquelyn Schneller - 6/6/2013

Ecology - Conceptual
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You are living green, or at least trying to, and you feel GREAT. You feel great about yourself and your efforts for the world and others. But others around you may not be feeling quite as successful or the cause as vital. You don't dwell too much if your grocer or fellow bus riders are feeling less than optimistic about their green living; but what if the negative or non-participating party is a very important other-your significant other.

Relationships are hard enough already, no need to put added stress upon them. Whether you're twenty years married or taking your first steps, the first rule to melting or at least managing your love life and your green living is: respect.

You and your partner each have your own strengths, weaknesses; likes, dislikes; dreams and realities. Hopefully you're respecting his or her love of classical music; while you'd rather twist and bounce to a little techno. You respect his or her profession in the office; while you'd rather build a bridge. You respect his or her fondness for the color blue; while you prefer, well, green, of course. It's important to also respect your partner's state of green.

When it comes to sustainability and green living, you feel the issue is critical and time sensitive which may fuel you to voice your opinions with fire. But, before you burn your love to the ground, heed my warning.

Okay, you've lowered your torch (thank you), but now what? Here are a few pointers about how to love and live green in harmony:

  • Think of some of your guilty pleasures (green-wise). We all have one or two. Then think of how hard it would be to say "bye bye" to that indulgence at a moment's notice, via. snappy orders from your significant other. Even if I renounced all environmental luxuries and sins, you would have to pry my quality speakers (for quality music playback!) from my dead, green fingers.
  • Lead by example, not force. Ordering a loved one to take shorter, less-heated showers is cold in multiple ways. Try instead, "Maybe we could try making Wednesday, cold-shower day?"
  • Lead by example, not deception. If vegetarianism is your path to green living, I would not suggest swapping soy-bacon for the B in their BLT. It's sneaky and unethical. People, your loved one included, have the right to know what they're eating. Try making one BLT and one SBLT; ask your partner to try both.
  • Communicate. Tell him or her, how important living and leading an environmentally responsible life is to you. You are respecting them by considering their habits, preferences, and choices (and by reading this article!); so, have faith that, after knowing how you feel, they will grant you the same respect and consideration.


Scorpion Solitaire

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