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June 3rd
Issue #7
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Issue #7
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Scorpion Solitaire


Four ways to interpret your future

By Sheila Breckenridge - 6/3/2013

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How to interpret the future is a question that invariably every single person wonders about. While there are numerous ways to interpret your future, I will focus this article on four different divination ways; astrology, palmistry, runes and shamanism. While this is just a small overview of these techniques, hundreds of books have been written on each type of divination.

Astrology has been around for thousands of years with astrologers charting the skies and creating a mathematical calculation of when planets align on specific dates. This calculation helps astrologist determine future events, but mostly shows direct correlations to the exact time and date of a person's birth and what they will be like mentally and emotionally as they face situations. .

Palmistry is a combination of reading the lines on a person's dominant hand and utilizing your intuition. There are six master lines that are read, always starting with the Life line. The six lines are the life line, the head line, the heart line, the fate line, the line or the sun (luck line) and the line of Mercury (health line.) .

Runes are a unique way of understanding the different vibrations of the natural world and to learn lessons given to you by the runes. While working with runes you won't get absolute answers, you will be offered insight to possible outcomes of actions and situations. The point to rune reading is to become harmonious with the vibrations of the natural world around you. Each rune gives off its own specific vibration, and with practice any person will be able to use the runes to help answer questions and receive guidance. .

Shamanism is both complex and elementally simple; it is a way of gaining a higher level of consciousness to help oneself, one's people, nature and the world itself. Originally Shamans were the religious leaders of a village who the tribe would go to for all matters of ritual, be it a good harvest, or a "marriage" of two tribes people. While there are still active Shamans in the more remote parts of the world, today, modern people view shamanism as a way of reaching a different level of enlightenment through a journey of consciousness. .

No matter how one tries to divine the future, there should always be the understanding that not everything is set in stone and that we have the ability to alter our own future by what actions we do or do not take. .


Scorpion Solitaire

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