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June 3rd
Issue #7
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Issue #7
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Scorpion Solitaire


Astral Projection a Reality

By Melissa Donaldson - 6/3/2013

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Out of body experiences or Astral Projection are often discussed in esoteric and spiritual circles alike. They become one and the same usually and different approaches to producing an astral projection are taken. Some will believe that their astral body or soul can leave their body during dreams or meditation sessions. Others use lucid dreaming techniques. Whatever you believe the subject is a fascinating one and contains many different avenues to explore. From parapsychology to esoteric phenomenon and themes, astral projection is a tool that has been claimed to be used for centuries by many practitioners and is still in practice today.

In the old mysteries schools in Egypt astral projection was a tool used to invoke spiritual awareness and lessons from masters that had passed from the earthly realm. In these states practitioners could speak and learn from those who had left their texts behind and claimed to be granted greater awareness and understanding. At times they would fast for days to achieve an out of body experience. These tales are told throughout Hindu, Egyptian, and even some Mystic Christian texts. The question is what really caused these states of altered awareness?

Many doctors and scientists will explain that the fasting lead to hallucination as well as some herbs that were possibly ingested or smoked. Practitioners simply claim that they go through phases of meditation that take up to years of practice concerning focus and mental acuity to find the proper state of mind and allow the body to rest and the astral body to be free. These steps are different in some texts but the concurring theme is that one must be as relaxed and detached as possible from all of their surroundings to achieve any success.

Lucid dreaming or dream walking is a technique that is even used in Native American customs and consists of controlling your dreams to a point that all that is contained in that state can be altered completely at your fingertips. Other people claim that ghosts are most likely those walking around in their astral state or that they are visited in the astral state of a dead loved one who's body is now lost to them.

Whatever you truly believe yourself the topic is one that has a large variety of theories and techniques. Many cultures have either revered those who can astral travel or called them witches or devil's spawn. However, should you try these techniques remember to make sure any fasting is mentioned to your doctor as many are not truly ready for the body's reaction to such a practice.


Scorpion Solitaire

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