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June 3rd
Issue #7
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Scorpion Solitaire


Weekly Astrological Outlook - June 3rd

By Nicole Gaudette - 6/3/2013

Zodiac signs
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The Moon is in fiery Aries all day on Monday, and we feel more impulsive, impetuous, and independent. You may want to do things your way or no way at all. Intellectual Mercury is at a positive angle to dreamy Neptune in the afternoon. Imaginations soar, daydreams are in overdrive, and we think about all of the ways we can help each other and be more compassionate. Mercury is also at a positive angle to hard-working Saturn in the evening, and no matter how much we may daydream, we know exactly what work needs to be done and can focus our minds long enough to finish.

For the first half of the day on Tuesday, the Moon is void-of-course, and the morning isn't as productive as we'd like it to be. Tie up loose ends and get small tasks finished, but don't begin anything new. Midday, the Moon enters earthy Taurus, and we want to get in touch with our bodies. Eat rich food, try fine wine, go to a museum and marvel at the art, go to a concert and enjoy the music, try out a new perfume or cologne, or just watch the sunset.

The Moon is at a positive angle to powerful Pluto in the morning on Wednesday, making it a great morning to take control of a situation. You may have avoided doing that, but the time has come for you to take a step forward and take charge.

On Thursday, the Moon is void-of-course for nearly the entire day, so don't schedule anything new for Thursday. Put off your beginnings for Friday and Saturday, and leave Thursday for less important tasks and finishing things up.

With the Moon in intellectual Gemini on Friday, we closely identify with our ideas, and have an easier time communicating how we feel to others. Our words are filled with emotion, and it may be hard to differentiate between reason and feeling. Neptune turns retrograde on Friday, and we can have a hard time dealing with our dreams and subconscious.

Saturday brings a new moon in Gemini, and we can begin new writing projects, come up with great new ideas and plans, have important conversations, get good news, have a busier schedule, and seem to be on the go more. In the afternoon, Mercury is at a harsh angle to zany Uranus, and we can find ourselves in unexpected fights or rebelling against ideas.

On Sunday afternoon, the Moon enters emotional Cancer. Most of us will spend Sunday cuddled up at home in our comfiest clothes, or spending time with our family. We don't want to be in unfamiliar places with strange faces, preferring to be with those we feel the most comfortable with.


Scorpion Solitaire

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