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June 3rd
Issue #7
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Scorpion Solitaire


How to Eat Out often and do it Guilt Free

By Damien Darby - 6/3/2013

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This article is full of ways, in fact it's almost a system, to enable you to eat out regularly without enduring any undue stress whatsoever.

Establish a Budget on the 1st

On the first day or night of every month sit down and figure out how much money, while keeping the bigger picture of your finances in mind, you're willing to spend on dinning out. This is going to be the foundation. From this point on your can make sober decisions that you will have planned for. This way while you're chomping down on the second course you won't feel guilty.

Don't Be an Old Fogey

It's too easy to get stuck in our ways and continue going to the same restaurant over and over and getting the same one or two dishes. Boring! And, once you get too used to it overspending and overeating tend to ensure = guilt. After you set your budget, come to terms with how many days you can split it into, and how much you'll spend per day.

This money-mind map lets you know how much variety you can afford. Mix things up, and choose at least 3 different places each month. That way it feels more like a hobby than guilt-laden impulse activities.

Harmony between Healthy and Unhealthy

You know how much money you got to spend, and you know which three places you're going to go to, now do a little bit of extra credit work and see if you can't go online and plan out exactly which dishes you'll eat. This means you're going to have as much time as you need to make good decisions.

Not living causes as much guilt as living a bit too much. Instead of going overboard one way or another, mix the fattening with the low calories, the sugary with the fibrous, and inexpensive with higher quality stuff.

What About Other People?

Couple can plan it out together, and make it a bonding experience. Shared guilt has far less bite than the solo kind. Furthermore, because you can split the costs it's easier on the pocket book, and you can get more creative with the meals. Absolutely everyone, and I mean everyone appreciates eating out once in a while, alone or with friends, but in a group setting there is far less to feel guilty about.

Blog It Out

You could take pictures of your meals (before you dig in of course) and post them on Pinterest or Flickr. You could let the world know through social media updates on Twitter and Facebook. Or you could blog about your meals, write reviews of the food/establishments, and brush up on your food verbiage. The point is that sharing the experience and talking about it is going to leave no room for guilt.

This is something you budget and plan for; something you share with others; a hobby! However, if you start putting on too much weight, it may be time to rethink that budget, skip one restaurant a month, and apply that extra money to a gym membership!


Scorpion Solitaire

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