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May 30th
Issue #6
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Scorpion Solitaire


Become a Silent Fitness Role Model

By Damien Darby - 5/30/2013

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Why is envy one of the deadly sins? Different shades of envy drive humanity to keep the world turning. Society runs on an undercurrent of envy, especially in the fitness world. How many young men want to look and perform like their favorite athlete? How many young women desire to sport the thighs and backside of their favorite actress or singer?

Things get interesting when one considers how many average folks in the gym and out on the roadside jogging inspire and motive other regular people to get in better shape. When a person chooses to get in great shape and then go out in public, they are in essence a living role model for fitness no matter what they do.

The big upside to training to be a role model is that it provides an extra layer of inner motivation to look ones best and project healthy lifestyles.

Tips on Being a Fitness Role Model

  • What would be better, making millions of dollars or inspiring the kids down at the local kids club to exercise more often? It could save some of their lives, and save their families years of heart ache. When training, maintain a higher perspective on things.
  • Make social outreach an integral aspect of a fitness lifestyle. This could be anything from running in charitable marathons and races to donating time to work in soup kitchen, homeless shelters, and hospitals.
  • It should be important to work out outside. Instead of jogging on the treadmill, jog outside where people can see, and think to themselves, "I should do more cardio." Or "I need to make some time to start jogging like that person." Or "I want to look that them, and be able to run like that."
  • Don't make being sexy and fit look bad by being condescending, cocky, or prideful. Humility and confidence are virtues, while being an ass definitely is not.

Take the Leap and Teach Fitness

Perhaps the best way to become a silent fitness role model is to teach health and nutrition. Spend a little money and get certified as a personal training. Go to school and a basic nutrition certificate/degree. Take online courses and teach anyone that will listen.

The upside to this approach is that most often people teach that which they desire most to learn. So in the process of shaping minds and doing the research necessary to inspire people, they themselves are inspired and enriched.

It's especially important that more and more adults take the initiative and teach the younger folks about healthy amounts of exercise and nutrition because the financial stresses right now are stripping these programs from schools left and right. It's up to all the silent fitness role models out there to stand up to the plate and steer the next generations in a better direction. Get started today!


Scorpion Solitaire

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