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May 30th
Issue #6
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Thursday 5/30/13
Issue #6
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Scorpion Solitaire


Getting the Girl

By F. Kenneth Taylor - 5/30/2013

A Wedding Bouquet
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Okay fellas, let me ask you something; have you spotted 'her'? Who? You know who-'her', that's who-'The One'. Your dreamgirl, your heavenly angel, the future mother of your child, the girl that doesn't yet know she's going to marry you-her. Oh, so you have met her; you're just having a little trouble implementing your master plan, well let's get you in gear! This isn't as hard as we make it out to be, you just have to keep a few basic things in mind at all times; be respectful, be humbling, sincere, and patient.

The first thing you should do is simply observe her and make an assessment. This is most useful is she's someone you see regularly such as a classmate or co-worker. So what are you observing? Primarily, her demeanor and how she carries herself; is she loud/obnoxious, quiet/reserved, a flirt, gossiper, etc... Is she a 'people-person', materialistic, a loner, or does she have to be the center of attraction? Those are the things you want to pay attention to. Observing her is an important thing to do before moving forward, because you may not like her personality or attitude, which could lead to a recipe for disaster.

Alright, so you've had her in your sights, now listen-don't worry, there's nothing wrong with a little 'ear-hustling' now and then, we all do it. Is she articulate, well-versed and educated, or does she have a degree in slang and 'Ebonics'? Does she air out all her 'dirty-laundry'; is she married, engaged, bisexual, or heterosexual? Do she have kids, does she like Orchids or Roses, Chanel or Armani? Is she a veggie-lover or meat-lover? Guys, listening to women is detrimental; they will tell you everything you want to know about them without even speaking a single word to you.

At this point, you should have enough info about her to start formulating an effective approach, but there's still one little problem-she has to know you exist! This phase or step is not be confused with allowing her notice your attraction to her, that comes later-you simply want her to notice, you-not your attraction! Before you can reveal your feelings to her, she has to develop a sense of familiarity and become comfortable with you. A good way to do this is by initiating very 'light' conversation, or telling 'cute' little jokes. Be sure to keep things brief, simple, respectful, and above all, impersonal, almost as though she's just another girl. Keep this up at a moderate pace, and before long, she'll be initiating convo with you, and you'll be sharing a break or lunch together.

Let's do another scenario, in the event that your love-interest isn't someone you see on a regular basis. Maybe she's the clerk at the local gas station or grocery store-what do you do? Simple, become a regular customer. Pay attention to the times and days she's there, and start timing your visits accordingly. Create a small, regular purchase, and checkout at her register as often as possible, eventually, she'll start recognizing you, and will learn your purchase, that'll make you stand out from all the other customers she sees. Pay attention to her body language, maybe she's yawning, that's an indication she's tired or she's had a long day. If it's getting later in the evening say something like, "Smile, it's almost over!" Maybe its early afternoon, then you say something like, "Oh no, it's too early for that!" I guarantee you she will smile or giggle, and let me tell you fellas, women love a man that can make them smile or laugh-especially, when they're not in the mood to do so!

So you've been doing homework, and you've logged a ton of 'study-hours', now it's time for your 'Final Exam'. The road ahead will be a true testament of your endurance, persistence, and will determine how bad you want her. Take a deep breath and relax; you're entering the crucial, transitional phase, and this could take months! What!? You didn't think all this was going to happen overnight, did you? Your goal is to is to transition from the 'co-worker' or 'regular customer' to a friend, then close friend, then someone special-a potential significant other. Throughout this process, present a clean image of yourself, women like a clean-cut man. You will definitely have to step your 'game' up-cater to her and her needs. It doesn't hurt to treat her to little things, 'just because' either. Let her know you're in her corner; encourage her, support her, console her-and finally, confess your attraction; chances are she's probably already thought about the two of you being together, and will be making 'googly-eyes' at you before you know it, if she hasn't already. Lastly, and this is soooo important-Whatever you do, or whatever you did to get the have to maintain and double to keep her!
Good luck!


Scorpion Solitaire

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