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May 27th
Issue #5
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Monday 5/27/13
Issue #5
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Scorpion Solitaire


Should I Teach My Child Meditation

By Melissa Donaldson - 5/27/2013

A Woman meditating
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Meditation has become a tool for many more than just spiritual practitioners and many medical professionals are also embracing the practice as a way to supplement medication for many mental disorders. However, there are still some people in the world that believe meditation can be a form of mind control or are afraid of going against their religion if they try meditating or some form of ludic mental relaxation techniques. This is sometimes where the argument against and for mediation training for children can become prominent. All religion and fears aside, here are some benefits for children when it comes to learning and practicing meditation.

Peaceful Concentration

Children are very active and many times this can be a strain on some adults. However in this day and age with so many different kinds of media bombarding children, society's instant gratification need, and so many people trying to teach parents how to parent their child, children's minds are very cluttered. This can lead to poor concentration, poor academic performance, and irritability. Calming the mind from this daily stress can be imperative to healthy development.

A daily meditation practice is a great way to begin this process. Children will learn to calm their minds and concentrate without straining and stress. Learning to control their own mind's constant inner chatter isn't an easy task. With constant practice and short daily meditation techniques used to promote peace and confidence a child benefits greatly and begins to slowly find patience and neutrality in many areas of their lives including academic issues.

Better Health

Children are like adults in that the less stressed they are the healthier they also will be. Meditation keeps this in perspective and aids in promoting a mental well-being that corresponds with the entire body. Happy children are sick less often, have better immune systems, and miss less school due to these improvements. Studies have shown the a happy body is a healthy body and therefore using daily meditation techniques that inspire happiness, security, patience, and peace can only help a child improve in all areas of their lives.

Spiritual Awareness

While some parents fear that meditation will draw away from more strict religious habits this can be just the opposite. Meditating on a favorite story or scripture for Christian or Jewish children is not out of the ordinary. Meditation simply means to quiet the mind and find gaps between errant thoughts and create a focus. Children given a story to ponder or find a meaning within will have no issues maintaining the religious practices their parents wish to instill in them. Meditating doesn't mean controlling a mind in the sense it no longer functions and is being trained into a secular mindset, but rather creating more and more awareness of a concept or life lesson that can bring happiness and peace even to a young mind.

Again, studies show that those who are religious tend to have a happier way of approaching life. Those who go into situations feeling positive tend to have better results and also tend to stay healthier on the whole. Healthy and happy children will adjust to life better and have better attitudes towards family and friends on the whole.


Scorpion Solitaire

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