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May 27th
Issue #5
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Issue #5
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Scorpion Solitaire


How to Be a Happy and Healthy Juice Lover

By Damien Darby - 5/27/2013

A glass of pomegranate juice
  Photo Credit: Valua Vitaly /

In subtle ways juicing is written in stone in our future one way or another. Population specialists predict we'll be breaking 8 billion in number in not too long and there simply isn't going to be enough resources around for everyone to be eating tons of solid food. Though that's not such a bad thing, especially for people who have been fortunate enough to discover the wonders of juicing.

I'm not talking slang for some weird narcotic, but applying the genius of a juicer to create from raw fruits, vegetables, berries, and all else exquisite liquefied meals.

First, a few of the Juicy Benefits

  • Consumption: When you juice it's actually much easier to maintain control over portions and ensuring you get the proper amounts of micronutrients. The one thing people struggle with initially is hunger cravings. It's all about adding enough fat/protein to the mix. Once the right balance is found, and there's enough fiber going on, you're set!
  • Absorption: Most people readily get the idea that liquefied food is absorbed into the system much quicker that solid foods that the body has to expend energy breaking down. Furthermore, one of the first things people notice when they start juicing regularly is that some of the negative side-effects of modern diets are counteracted a bit.
  • Endless variety: Just like cooking and eating the traditional way, there is absolutely no end (well there probably is one, but it will take forever to find it) to what you can do with juicing. As modern technology and kitchen gadgets progress, soon we might be able to juice the rocks and trees outside if need be and end up with yummy sustenance. Who knows?

Some Helpful Tips for Aspiring Juicers

  • First and foremost, don't go the cheap and easy route with juicers. It's going to pay for itself in no time anyway, and there's probably some way you accountant can write it off.
  • Start slow and work into it. A sudden blast of fresh organic juices can hit people pretty hard. It's best to ease into it and as the body gets more accustomed make it a more regular thing.
  • This goes for shopping as well. Don't end up wasting lots of money and throwing away a ton of produce you won't use. Again, ease into the habit.

Juicers Come in Two Basic Forms

1. Centrifugal juicers are the ones most people see at local juice bars. These are going to be less expensive, but aren't as efficient either.
2. Single/Double Auger style, Cold Press varieties, or Masticating juicers. These are the more natural approach that crush the produce up, or squeeze it vigorously. While not as fast, they get far more of the good stuff you're after.

You owe it to yourself to buy a juicer and a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables. Then go home, get creative and see what you think. Odds are you begin incorporating that juicer into your day more and more. Then on to blenders... but that's another story altogether.


Scorpion Solitaire

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