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May 23rd
Issue #4
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Thursday 5/23/13
Issue #4
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A Practical and Crafty Bicep Tricep Workout

By Damien Darby - 5/23/2013

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For many people building the biceps and triceps can be a sizable challenge. Their strength increases along with their endurance, but the muscle itself never seems to look any different.

First of all, this is typically a body fat problem; there might be too much of it to notice a chance in size. However, for people with low body fat that are still having trouble seeing results, it sounds like a plateau. Drastically change things up by using less popular and practiced exercises like these.

5 Fantastic Arm Exercises

  • Cable reverse to regular curls
  • Weight plate farmer's walks
  • Sitting incline dumbbell curls
  • Wide grip cable rows
  • Hands to elbows planks

Plain Work to Rest Ratio

It's a mixture of inflicting tons of time under tension on the muscle fibers while also using enough weight to tear them up a bit. The secret to bursting out of arm-plateaus is to introduce tons of variety which asks them to adapt more and more often.

Simple Exercise Instructions

  • Exercise one: This is done while standing, not sitting. Use a standard cable machine and set it down to about the mid-shin level. Start with a slow-tempo 4 count reverse curl using moderate weight, and then in one smooth motion flip the wrist over at the bottom of the reverse curl and do a regular curl. Rinse and repeat but the key is to maintain continuous tension. Don't let the arms rest between the reverse and regular curls. Extinguish all the stored energy within the muscle fibers.
  • Exercise two: Women can grab 25lb, and men two 45lb weight plates. If there's no room just stand still, otherwise walk around while holding them. Make sure not to lock out the elbows. Keep as much pressure off the shoulders as possible by incorporating the biceps, triceps, and forearms.
  • Exercise three: Sit back and enjoy some concentration bicep tension. While in the incline chair and laying all the way back with the head against the pad, there is nothing else for the body to use but pretty much the biceps alone. Don't try and use the shoulders. If there is any sacrifice in form and fluid motion, lower the weight.
  • Exercise four: These are done on a normal sitting cable-row machine using the wide grip bar attachment. Because of the posture and the stand of the hands the upper back isn't the only thing being worked. More often than not a large portion of the tension goes straight to the biceps. Overhand or underhand really doesn't matter, but they both feel slightly different.
  • Exercise five: These are basically an active form of planks. Instead of just laying there motionless fighting gravity, go from one arm to the other and get up onto the hands. Then go back down to the elbows. It's extremely taxing on arms and chest as well as the core. More so than ordinary planks or pushups.


Scorpion Solitaire

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