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May 20th
Issue #3
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Scorpion Solitaire

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Monday 5/20/13
Issue #3
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Scorpion Solitaire


Discovering your Aura

By Melissa Donaldson - 5/20/2013

Solar circle
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Basically put, an aura is the energy emanated from all beings and objects. It surrounds them in a luminous light that projects through colors, waves, and both can be used to read or examine the aura for spiritual purposes. The aura is used in both parapsychology and spirituality to explain the feelings or thoughts of a person and why this or that is happening in their life. It is not the same as a Tarot reading or psychic examination, but colors can be perceived as a reason for certain aspects that permeate our lives on a daily basis.

Those that choose to study Buddhist and Hindu teachings will learn that aura is connected to what they call Kundalini energy. This force travels through the body through the chakra system and therefore the colors projected in the aura stem from the chakras as well. Those who study Kabbalah will learn that the aura is a representation of the astral body or what some theorize is the soul that is spoken of in religious texts. Others of course will simply tie seeing auras to migraines or other conditions that cause visual impairment or mental illness. There are always both sides of any argument but more people every day are starting to come to the conclusion that perhaps they can find reasons for behaviors in the colors that emanate from their bodies.

Colors that are seen generally are similar to the colors of the chakras and therefore are symbolized in the same way. Red will be aggression, a need to survive, or strength of will while purple is passion and a spiritual ascension of thought. White is purity and love and serenity but black signifies anger, hostility, and negativity. Orange is tied to creativity and sexual feelings of a healthy nature while yellow shows optimism and excitement about one's life. Green is a healthy color meaning a healthy heart and lung system as well as a healthy love for the environment and those in your life be it animal or person.

Some scientists claim they can capture aura colors with a special camera designed to read certain light spectrums. Kirlian cameras are sometimes used by practitioners to show aura colors around a person in a photo. While this technique is still being used some scientists point out that the aura created in the photo could be a result of a light inside the camera that is illuminating the film. Whatever your belief and however you choose to view your aura, you might just find some answers that help you bring more awareness to your behavior and how you want to live or change in your life.


Scorpion Solitaire

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