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May 20th
Issue #3
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Monday 5/20/13
Issue #3
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Scorpion Solitaire


5 Things Men Want Women To Know

By F. Kenneth Taylor - 5/20/2013

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This one is pretty cut-and-dry, I've compiled a list of 5 important things that almost every man wish women knew, so pay attention ladies!

#5 - Don't Read Between the Lines!

Ladies, this is huge! Men often feel that women analyze and over-analyze far too much, and in many cases, with inaccurate conclusions. Please, ladies, don't read between lines-there's nothing there. Men usually follow their first mind and thoughts, and in many cases give their honest opinion. So ladies, you may be asking yourself, what do I mean? Here's an example; your parents invite you and your husband or boyfriend to a family cookout. He respectfully declines, you assume he has an issue with your parents-no, it simply means he'd rather not attend. Men don't really harbor a collection of alternative motives, etc... Please ladies, stop reading in between the lines-just give us the benefit-of-the-doubt sometimes.

#4 - Keep Our Personal Business, Personal

Alright, this one's simple-and complicated. We know you have a relative or childhood friend you're really close to, and often confide in, and that's fine-just stop telling them every intimate and personal detail about us and our relationship-it's none of their business! What really frustrates us on this one is that, your confidant will usually intervene in our relationship on your behalf, when they've only been partially informed of a situation. To worsen this issue, when we rightfully tell them to 'butt-out', you take their side, and get mad at us! What!? Wouldn't you be angry if we did this? Of course you would, so just have a little more restraint, and keep our private affairs, private.

#3 - Flirt & Talk Dirty!

Oh yes, that's right ladies-we don't want to do all the flirting, or be the only ones whispering naughty little things! I have yet to meet a man that doesn't like for a woman to flirt with him. Traditionally, society has taught us that the man should approach the woman, but there's nothing traditional about society today, right? It really makes our day when a woman flirts with us. Talking dirty is a sure way to raise the mercury level on the bedroom's 'hot-meter'! Men are crazy for a woman bold enough to talk dirty and get a little raunchy! We are sure to 'get-in-the-mood' after this! Remember, sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship, but it's really fun and we all love it!

#2 - You Can't Handle The Truth!

This is a good one! Women are always harping on men to tell truth, right guys!? Well, it's just like that old saying goes, " can't handle the truth!" Ladies, there's a few things you should keep in mind when ask for the tell truth; 1) Don't get angry-you asked for this. 2) Realize you may not like the answer. 3) Despite rather it's good or bad, it is-the truth. 4) If you think, or know you won't like the answer-don't ask! Men keep so much to themselves because women simply don't believe the truth.

And now, the one you've all been waiting for...

#1 - Men Are Emotional!

As inconceivable as it sounds; men are emotional. However, society has portrayed us as the stronger vessel, the provider and protector. We've been plagued with the impression of being invincible-nothing can or will emotionally harm us. Seriously, just think about it for a moment; who does Mom call upon when 'Junior' doesn't behave, his dad, right? Who investigates that 'bump-in-the-night'? We do, the man, right? Society has made it virtually impossible for a man to show an emotional side of himself without being considered as 'soft' or 'weak', but the truth is; we do have emotional sides, and no one should know that more than our wives, fiancées, and/or girlfriends. No one can emotionally hurt a man more than the woman he loves. No one can give a man a gentle, 'pep-talk' that'll instantly raise his spirits than the woman he loves, right? My definition of a man is a man that not only isn't afraid to openly express his emotions, but also retains the rights to his masculinity in the process. Just remember ladies, men have feelings too.


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