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Monday 5/13/13
Issue #1
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Scorpion Solitaire


Remote Readings

By Sheila Breckenridge - 5/13/2013

Remote Readings
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Doing a remote or distance reading should only be undertaken by a grounded and centered reader. Remote readings offer messages and guidance to people who can't be physically present for a reading.

As a psychic who does remote readings, I find that doing these readings enable me to not become distracted by influences in the space where I read. I can center and ground myself and focus completely on the person I am reading.

Due to the upsurge of social media, having a remote reading done by legitimate psychics has become a world-wide phenomenon. Some people who are curious about psychics and what they can do are able to do by viewing the validity of online psychics through their testimonials as well as by word-of-mouth (references.)

Not every psychic feels comfortable doing remote readings, some require the physical interaction with a client to gauge that their instincts and intuition are correct. They need to gauge the physical reactions of their clients to confirm that they are reading correctly.

Be wary of online instant reading websites, as they are created to bring in money. My personal opinion on these websites is that they offer only generalizations; rather than offering guidance and should be seen as an entertainment site not a legitimate reading site.

When doing a remote reading, the reader must be in a calm, meditative state so that their energy doesn't interfere with the interpretations of the cards. The type of tarot cards read will also affect the reading, and therefore it is best to not use cards such as destiny or totem cards which will transfer energy.

Care must be taken by the reader to interpret the cards without judgement, so I recommend not asking any questions of your client until you have already laid and read the card spread. This way you are reading without prejudice or foresight.

Honesty is vital when doing remote readings, but also is taking care of your clients feelings. Some messages will be hard for a client to process, and a caring psychic will be able to explain a reading without doing harm to their client, especially if there are personal issues involved such as death, illness, fear or ending of relationships.

For what-ever reason a person chooses to have a remote reading; be it concern, shyness, or fear of repercussions from their loved ones, the reader must gain the trust of the client through validation and confidentiality.


Scorpion Solitaire

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