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May 13th
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Monday 5/13/13
Issue #1
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Dating in the 21st Century

By F. Kenneth Taylor - 5/13/2013

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Have you ever heard your parents tell "their" story? You know-the one of how they met- yeah, that one. Didn't it just blow you away and leave you thinking "Wow!" I still shake my head at some of the things a guy had to go through to date, or should I say, 'court', his dreamgirl back in those days. Can you imagine going through the difficult task of asking the father of each girl you wanted to date for his permission to do so!? That must've been rough! Furthermore, you also had to have a nice little one-on-one with Dear-Ole-Dad, and fully define your intentions with his daughter!

The ladies didn't have it so easy either; they were always under strict watch by Dad, older brothers, and neighbors. Sometimes, a younger sibling was allowed to tag along on the date as a chaperone! What!? Are you serious!? How would you like to have your younger brother or sister as the 'third-leg' on your date; happily willing to report every mushy detail to Mom and Dad!? Fortunately, those days are over, long gone, and never to be seen again! The dating scene has evolved dramatically in the 21st century. Dating nowadays is simply indescribable and cascading with a vast selection of options.

One of the most popular forms of dating today is Online Dating. For those who aren't familiar with Online Dating, it's exactly what it sounds like. Online Dating is the process of joining a 'singles' website to meet that special someone. There's almost an online dating website for practically every preference your mind can conjure up. There are literally tons of online dating websites to choose from-there are sites specifically designed for African-Americans, Hispanics, seniors, teenagers, divorcees, gay/lesbian, hot flings, and much more! There are also Christian, and other religion-based websites as well. Another percentage of online dating websites cater to fetishes-I won't go into details on that one, I'll just let you use your imagination! Many online dating websites allow you to design your own, custom 'profile' or 'profile page' that has your unique touch and feel to it. In the process of creating or building your profile, you can also preset your dating parameters and/or preferences; for example, you can set your preferences for non-smokers within a certain age bracket or certain location, and so on. Online Dating has become so popular that MTV has created a reality show entitled 'Catfish' about the new-age crave. No matter what attracts you to a potential significant other, or what you're looking for, I'm sure there's an Online Dating website for you!

Perhaps you prefer face-to-face meetings, and if that be the case, then you may enjoy Speed Dating. Speed Dating is a pretty cool concept that was first introduced in 1998; I like to think of it as 'Musical Chairs' of Dating. You're paired at a table with another single of the opposite sex for 2 to 7 minute intervals, a host signals the end of each interval, and you move to another table with a new single. The idea is to meet a large number of other singles at one time, or within one day. At the conclusion of the event, you provide the organizer/host/hostess with a list of the singles that interests you, and your contact information, and they work to create a match. Pretty interesting, huh!?

Another option in dating today would be to enlist the services of a Dating Agency. This is an office setting where you meet privately with a Professional Matchmaker, so to speak, and express your interests, preferences, and expectations in a potential significant other, and the Matchmaker goes on the hunt interviewing as many candidates as it takes to pair you with your new love interest. Finally, when it comes to dating in the 21st century, you can always resort to the old-fashioned, do-it-yourself method, and approach your love interest with a simple, "Hello, my name is...".


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