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Monday 5/13/13
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5 Modern Nutrition Myths Completely Debunked

By Damien Darby - 5/13/2013

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Don't buy into all the many nutrition myths out there. Most of them are nothing more than marketing constructions to sell products. Here are five of the most prominent nutrition myths and why they're way off base.

Myth 1: Eggs are cholesterol magnets and bad for you.

Oh really? Is that why human beings and most other wild predators savor eggs, and have been doing so for literally millions of years? While it's an undisputed fact that eggs contain a decent-sized portion of Cholesterol, it's more complicated than that. Researchers recently made it a fact that Cholesterol in diet doesn't directly correlate to Cholesterol in blood. Eggs actually raise the good Cholesterol, and do not increase risk of heart disease!

Myth 2: Saturated fat should be avoided at all costs.

The American medical/food establishment has been preaching about the horrors of saturated fat for decades now. Yet all this backwards obsession with fat has done is help create one of the most obese nations in the world crumbling under cosmic medical care costs.

Here's a fact: Studies have been done, using vast amounts of subjects, and these studies found no conclusive evidence whatsoever that saturated fat is a major player in causing heart disease. If eaten in moderation, and kept as clean and organic as possible, saturated fats aren't such a treacherous villain at all.

Myth 3: Grains are perfectly suited to dominate diets.

While grains are awesome in the fiber department, they don't do a whole lot in terms of contributing to general nutrition. When one approaches grains from the bigger picture where the Agricultural Revolution only just recently occurred in human evolution, it becomes obvious they aren't so perfect.

Sure, the bread baskets of the world are pumping out legendary amounts of grains every year to feed people, it's rather new to human bodies and digestive systems which aren't yet adapted. This is already showing up in how more and more people are sensitive to Gluten, which is a major component of wheat.

Myth 4: There's nothing wrong with low-fat foods.

This is like the saturated fat myth, except now far too many people have been coerced into avoiding fats altogether as much as possible. The tricky part is when one considers how food manufacturers make up for the lost delicious flavor of fat. Human beings are engineered to love and crave fat, just like about every other meat eating predator in known history.

In its place things like artificial sweeteners show up, processed sugars, a vast array of corn-based syrups, and a mile-long laundry list of "taste enhancers" and other laboratory creations. It's the low-fat foods which should be avoided, not the other way around.

Myth 5: The Grazing Myth

This one is so prominent that average personal trainers and even the alternative-training circles have adopted it. The myth tells people they need to eat 5 - 6 small to medium sized meals spread throughout the day. Why? To keep the metabolism at a high level from digestion.

Guess what? This has already been studied closely and the results are in. Yes, obviously eating raises metabolism, but controlled studies show no difference in weight loss between eating many meals a day vs. a smaller amount of bigger ones. Furthermore it's impractical, hard to maintain and prepare for, and against nature. Human beings are engineered to easily withstand times of famine, and it's quite natural to not be constantly full of food.


Scorpion Solitaire

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