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July 11th
Issue #14
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Chef MarlaChef Marla

Chef Marla is a Gulf Coast, Mississippi based food writer, professional chef and culinary consultant. While earning her degree from Le Cordon Bleu she brings a unique blend of classic culinary training and interests in cultural diversity to her many projects.Her career path has followed her passion for food with her recipes and articles appearing in publications around the world.

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Jacquelyn SchnellerJacquelyn Schneller

I love learning. I'm educated in psychology, global studies, journalism, education and permaculture. Most recently, I've received a Masters in Human Ecology: culture, power and sustainability. Because I frequently spend time living and traveling abroad, I enjoy infusing my American life and green living with inspiration from people I meet and places I see.

F. Kenneth Taylor

F. Kenneth Taylor began writing on a serious level in 2001. Since then, he's written online articles for numerous sites, 5 manuscripts, and a collection of poetry, biographies, and reviews. In 2012 he self-published 3 books; "Corner Pocket", "Aftermath Pt. I: A Saga Begins", and "Shadow Within A City" with Lulu Press Inc.

He currently manages 4 up-to-date blogs, he's a Freelancer Writer locally, and online, he's a Contributing Writer with Toronto-based magazine, Black Ink Magazine, and he's currently researching and writing his 4th book, as well as the sequel to "Aftermath Pt. I: A Saga Begins". F. Kenneth Taylor is definitely one of today's up and coming writers/authors to keep a watch on!

You can buy his book online here :

F. Kenneth Taylor

No PhotoNicole Gaudette

Nic Gaudette is an astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lesson and articles to help them learn. To find out more about Nic, go to her website,

Damien Darby
I've been working out on my own for about 17 years, have been a certified personal trainer for about the last three, and have been into fitness writing since college
At the moment I'm a 33 year old professional web-based writer. I got my degree in philosophy, but studied music for a long time. My prize possession is my almost 6 year old daughter who is already showing signs of loving words. It's the best job in the world because I basically get paid to learn and become a better writer. My favorite car is a 69 Camaro, my favorite color is white, and I listen to music about 99% of the time I'm working.
Damien Darby

Liz RosenblumLiz Rosenblum

Liz Rosenblum is a writer, a strategist, an editor, a story teller, a producer and a yogi. With a career working in high stress environments, Liz experienced firsthand the benefits of a clean diet and yoga to heal the body and the mind. She is RYT-200 certified and shares her knowledge and experience with others through her writing. Liz's goal every day is to help people understand that living healthy doesn't have to be difficult. Follow her on her blog at


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